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As a freelancer or business, forget about fake reviews, high fees, and a non-transferable reputation from centralized job boards.

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A Guild is a list of top-notch professionals or business for a given industry. When a new Guild is born it states very precisely which are the requirements to be listed.


Are you a leader in your industry? Create a new Guild and attract your peers. New members can benefit from being part of your Guild and earn visibility and you can monetize your market influence.


Anyone can apply and be listed if he/she thinks the requirements are met. Applications must be backed by a stake and other members can challenge or support an applicant.

Benefit #1

Guilds are decentralized, autonomous and based on a tokenomics model. No central authority is in charge.

Interface showing ethereum address of a user which signed in.
Benefit #2
Disputes Mitigation

The Guilds protocol prevents misconduct and acts as a decentralized resolution centre in case of disputes between customers and one of its members.

Interface showing the option to kick or promote a user from a guild.
Benefit #3

Guilds members have the right to peer review the applications of new members and establish a vetted environment.

Interface showing members of a guild voting results about the application of a new member.
Benefit #4

The members vote for the inclusion of new applicants. Financial stakes back votes, and the game theory behind it converge to a steady condition where only fair applicants are accepted.

Dollar sign
Benefit #5
Scalable To Many Sectors

A Guild starts with founders who endorse it with their reputation and brand. Members benefit from being affiliated but must meet integrity and reputation requirements. Every applicant can apply with their professional history.

Representation of various types of guilds.
September 2022
First use case: the Guild of Tech/Law experts.
September 2022
First version of Proof of concept and whitepaper released
November 2022
Start the pre-sale of the GUILDS governance token $GLD.
December 2022
Launch a second featured Guild in the not-for-profit sector.
January 2023
Securing funds from pre-sale to spend on marketing and growth.
March 2023
A new version of the PoC and whitepaper. Create more featured Guilds for a total of around 6-10.
April 2023
Reach 5000 members in the telegram and other channels.
June 2023
Issuance of $GLD and public token sale
December 2023
Full product released. Around 10-20 featured Guilds deployed.

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The team

Davide Carboni
Davide Carboni
PhD and qualified information engineer, research scientist and former adjunct professor. Data scientist and research scientist for Intel Labs Europe under secondment at the Imperial College London. Co-inventor of eight patents and pioneered the concept of decentralized reputation in the blockchain.
Francesco Piras
Francesco Piras
Entrepreneur and Advisor in the Blockchain & Crypto industry since 2014. Co-founder of BrightNode, a professional business consulting firm based in Switzerland with a broad global network focused on blockchain projects.
Massimo Simbula
Massimo Simbula
Lawyer for Governments, International Organizations and Institutions, Corporations, Startups and Venture Capital, with a focus on Cryptocurrencies and decentralized services, privacy, FinTech, Corporate and Association.
Matteo Tambussi
Matteo Tambussi
Ethereum Project Developer and Web3 Educator.
Giovanni Casu
Giovanni Casu
Software Engineer, Cloud and Blockchain developer.
Francesco Cabras
Francesco Cabras
Tech lead, cloud and blockchain developer. Full stack wizard.

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